March 21, 2008

From Thin Air

Even in a light breeze on a cold and frost night earlier this week, the wind turbines overlooking Galway Bay near Spiddal were swirling. The effect above was created by keeping the shutter open long enough to expose the the stars without blurring them (after 30 secs or so, the Earth's rotation causes stars to register as streaks in an image), and repeatedly firing two flashes at the nearest turbine. Each flash caused the rotors to be illuminated, so the final image shows the position of the rotors over a number of flashes during the exposure (which is also why the stars seem to shine 'through' the rotors).

More pictures of the wind turbines in Galway here.

Camera=Canon 5D, lens=24-105@24m,ISO=400,speed=30secs,aperture=f8, flash=Canon 430EX & Canon 580IIEX (flashed multiple times), extra light supplied by the Moon.

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P.S. You should really check out the Flickr pictures of these two guys, here and here who are doing some really great night photography.

Posted by monasset at March 21, 2008 12:01 AM