September 28, 2003

It never rains but it pours, Pt. I

No sooner had Fianna Fáil's John O'Donaghue finished gloating over Joe Higgin's incarceration in Mountjoy (he suggested that Higgins should be censured by the Dáil), two Fianna Fail TDs land themselves in a bit of trouble. In Limerick, Michael Collins was named in the Revenue Commissioners list of tax evaders. Despite (Fianna Fáil-led) initiatives such as an amnesty for tax evaders, Michael tried to keep the head down. He issued a statement, saying he deeply regretted the circumstances regarding his financial affairs - i.e. he regretted being caught. Michael resigned the party whip yesterday - which is about as hard-hitting as a university graduate being deprived of alumni membership. Michael will vote with the party, run as Independent Fianna Fail at the next election, and will be re-assimilated to the collective afterwards. Resistance is futile.

Meanwhile in Dublin last week, G.V. Wright, TD drove at speed home from the Dail. Unfortunately, he had been drinking (7 whiskeys according to the Sunday World), and mowed down a nurse. She survived, though one of her legs is held together with pins and stitches. G.V. deeply regrets …being caught too. As Gene Kerrigan in the Sunday Independent pointed out, he scraped in at the last election on the last count, narrowly beating…Clare Daly, currently in jail with Higgins for blocking a bin lorry from collecting rubbish in Finglas. Now, I'm dead against the protest, but if I had to choose who deserves jail more…..

You'd like to think that criminal activity, particularly of a type that directly undermines major initiatives of the legislature, would warrant resignation from the Dáil. Wright in particular seems to be intent on sitting it out. Presumably if Wright had killed the nurse, he might feel obliged to resign. But since he only winged her, maybe he doesn't feel so bad. If only it was a safer seat, then he could go….

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