September 14, 2003


Some of the good people of Finglas have decided not to pay their bin-collecting charges - the council have responded by not collecting the bins of non-payers. Last week the protestors blocked the trucks so that nobody in Finglas got their rubbish collected. The protestors, supported by Joe Higgins TD, argue that because they already pay income tax, they should not pay a second tax (i.e. the fee for the bin collection). Two things are worth considering; the fee, of 120 euro, is about a third of what anyone outside of the city is paying, including those of living in the West. Secondly, there is already a scheme to waive the charge for those on low-incomes, pensioners, etc. In Ballyfermot, 40% of the residents avail of such waivers. Maybe that's why there are so many people available to mount the protest - they have no work to go to. You'd never know the local elections are coming up early next year, would you…?

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